Teaching & Learning - eLearning

St. Luke's has a proud history of connecting with the community through the use of technology.  Through our use of ICT tools such as blogging and Google Apps for Education, our staff and students connect beyond the classroom in meaningful ways that enhance the learning opportunities for our students.

We utilise the benefits of technologies that allow us to interact with our families, other schools, outside experts and the global community. Through tools and on-line spaces such as Blogs and Google Classroom and we share our learning and create learning opportunities within and the school and beyond.

The benefits include introducing students to the following concepts through authentic learning opportunities:

  • Connected learning
  • Increased opportunities for collaboration
  • Creating a positive digital footprint
  • Effective digital citizenship including netiquette
  • Transparency and accountability
  • Relevant feedback from a variety of sources including our families, community and experts
  • Writing and Creative opportunities (digital literacy - reading and writing in digitial spaces)
In class, where technology can enhance the learning, it is used seamlessly to contribute to activities that would not otherwise be possible. We teach and model cybersafe behaviours at all times and by particiapting in online environments in safe and structured spaces, our students are being prepared for life beyond primary school. 

Teachers are supported by regular professional learning opportunities and the support of an eLearning Co-ordinator to integrate technology and stay up to date with the latest ideas. 

Chromebooks are available for each student in Years 3 - 6 to enable the opportunity to use a device when it is required with ease of access. Student use of technology is monitored and supported through our ICT policy.